What is Clubcoin?

What is Clubcoin?

Clubcoin is a peer-to-peer digital currency that has a decentralized and consensus based system where all transactions are viewed in a public ledger. Which means nobody has control and everything is completely transparent to everyone on the network.

This type of distributed network allows the coin to function without having to trust anyone. The concept of all digital currency is taking the control out of a central authority and putting it where it belongs... In the hands of the people!

With Clubcoin you can transfer money between accounts with ease. You can send any amount to any other person and they will receive it fast and be able to spend it once the transaction is confirmed by the network

Proof of Stake Method

Clubcoin uses the Proof of Stake method to secure all transactions. This means whoever is holding Clubcoin can decide to use the coin to help verify the transactions in the ledger. This process is called staking and this is how the newly issued coins are introduced to the network.

Anyone can stake coins and be rewarded with newly issued Clubcoin. All you have to do is download a wallet and keep the wallet online to process the transactions. This uses your computing power to distribute and verify the network and you get rewarded.

Clubcoin uses open source code, which means everything is public and can be checked, this is what makes digital currency so powerful. Everything is transparent and available for viewing and nobody has anymore authority than anyone else. Your authority only comes based on how much Clubcoin you are holding and staking and anyone can be part of this network.


Why useClubcoin?

Digital currency will only work if there is a distributed network for it to run on. This requires users to adopt the coin and want to use it. You also need merchants who will accept the coin as a form of payment, and finally you need developers who will create tools, API's and help bridge the gap to make it easy and practical to use.


Anybody can start using Clubcoin to transfer money to friends, family, or to pay for goods and services. Clubcoin gives you complete control over your money because YOU are the only one who can transfer it from your wallet to another wallet. Without your private key nobody can touch your Clubcoin , which makes it very safe and secure. You can also stake your and earn 1% interest for helping support the network.


Any business in the world can start accepting Clubcoin for their goods and services. Clubcoin gives merchants more options and felxibility to accept payments from all over the world. Clubcoin is safe, cheap, and easy to use with no charge backs, low fraud and no compliance hoops or banks to deal with. We are also launching a complete plug and play merchant platform that will make Clubcoin even easier to accept.


Calling all Developers! Clubcoin is open source and we are looking for more developers to contribute to our platform. We are building API's that will help with exchanges, wallets, and anything else making the coin easier to use. Clubcoin is ideal for micro payments. With the strength of BitClub Network members we believe this coin will be adopted very easily and the ecosystem will be thriving. We would love to have you part of it!


ClubcoinTech Specs

Clubcoin'sTech Specs

  • Proof of Stake
  • 80 Million Coins
  • Large Distribution
  • Short Blocktime
  • 20% Interest
  • Block Difficulty

Clubcoin'sKey Features

Large Distribution & Low Inflation

80 million Clubcoin was mined to start and these coins are being distributed to BitClub Network members. No new coins will be created using Proof-of-Work method, all new coins will be issued from the 20% yearly interest paid to holders of Clubcoin who are staking their coins. This drops in half every 2 years.

Built-in Users = Adoption

Clubcoin was first introduced to BitClub Network members as a strategic way to distribute the coins across a global network of users. This model gives Clubcoin a unique advantage over most coins in the market as it will continue to be issued and distributed worldwide to a fast growing user base.

Blockchain Security

Clubcoin has it's own Blockchain and distributed network of nodes that make it very secure against attacks and hard to get 51% consensus. Other digital currencies that are only Prook-of-work face issues due to their reliability on large-scale mining operations.

Merchant Platform

A new Merchant Platform is being built that will allow online and brick & mortar businesses to accept Clubcoin very easily with no risk. Since many members will be eager to use this platform we have created a very strategic way to sign up new merchants. We have big plans to grow the entire Clubcoin ecosystem.



Getting Started WithClubcoin

  • 1

    Download Clubcoin Wallet

    First, you need to get a wallet to store your Clubcoins.

    Select Wallet
  • 2

    Buy Clubcoin

    Once you get your wallet set up there are a few places to purchase Clubcoin.

  • 3

    Stake your Clubcoin

    You need to get a wallet to store your Clubcoins and begin staking. BitClub members can take advantage of the BitClub Network staking pool to mine 24/7.

  • 4

    Spend your Clubcoin

    Now that you have Clubcoin where can you spend it? BitClub Network is the first merchant to accept Clubcoin


Get AWallet

Download Wallets

32 1.2.0

Easy to install and set up your home 32 bit computer as a Clubcoin node. This is a QT wallet that is compatible with all versions of Windows.

64 1.2.0

Have a better version of Windows? Download the 64 bit wallet here. Compatible with all versions of Windows.

32 1.2.0

This linux download is ideal for developers or anyone familiar with linux. Compatible with most popular distributions.

64 1.2.0

Have a 64 bit processor? Download this version here! Compatible with most popular distributions.


All in one zip file to get you started to setup a node on your OSX computer. We are currently working on an update to bring OSX up to speed!

Change Log

Want to see what has changed since the last update? Check it out here!


Clubcoin Faq's

Frequently Asked Questions

You can buy Clubcoin currently at Bittrex.
Staking your coins is easy! All you have to do is download the wallet and once you have mature Clubcoins in your wallet they will begin staking automatically. You will need to set how many coins you DO NOT want to stake if you plan to spend them.
All Clubcoin transactions are made public. You can view them all on our block explorer!


All source code is available on Github - https://github.com/BitClubDev/Clubcoin - We believe in transparency and security. Come check out our progress on Github and contribute!

Merchant Services

We will be announcing more details about our merchant platform soon. If you would like to accept Clubcoin sooner, we will be providing instructions on a wiki soon.